The Hello Kitty Bullet Train

hello kitty bullet train
Woman: A bubble-gum pink train pulls up to Japan’s Shin-Osaka Station… Seconds ago, it was speeding 200 miles an hour.

People from around the world eagerly board Japan’s Hello Kitty-themed bullet train.

Man: This is what it’s like going into car number one, the Hello Kitty Plaza. I’ll try and come back later.

Woman: The Shinkansen launched June 30th and will run until November 2018. West Japan Railroad Company launched the Hello Kitty-themed ride to encourage tourism throughout Western Japan.

Man: It’s a very special day today. One that we’ve been waiting for, for quite a while. We finally were able to get tickets for it. It’s the Hello Kitty Shinkansen!

Woman: The train stopped at each station between Shin-Osaka and Hakata in Fukuoka City, in Western Japan.

Step inside the train and travelers will find even more of the beloved character. Everything, from the bathroom to the headrest, features Hello Kitty.

Man: So it was a mad dash to get seats. And right now everyone has just gone to the front of the Kawaii– because they want to get photos and Instagram and video and all of that social media goodness.

And then car number one is the Hello Kitty Plaza. That’s all the people going towards the front of car number two and then through to car number one– it’s nuts.

Woman: Hello Plaza is the first car, where travelers can buy souvenirs and local products from each of the prefectures.

There’s everything from a gumball machine filled with Hello Kitty trinkets to Hello Kitty shirts and toys. Each car represents a different prefecture in Western Japan and a new Hello Kitty design was released for each of these eight areas.

Hello Kitty holds a green apple which represents Satori and a black shell for Shamani. She’s holding a loaf of bread for Yogo, which is an area known for its bakeries.

Hello Kitty is there to greet riders when they step in the Kawaii room. Kawaii culture is the culture of cuteness in Japan. This cutesy concept is seen across the entire country and Hello Kitty is one of the famous symbols of this growing culture.

Man: So here’s a little bit of the decor inside one of the cars. This is car number two– the Kawaii car, the cute car. The seats are all purple and pink and there’s a Hello Kitty on the headrests.

More Hello Kitty branding just above the windows. And then the window shades, more Hello Kitty.

Woman: The train also features Hello Kitty bento boxes. Riders can eat Hello Kitty stamped inari, which is rice wrapped in tofu, or try a colorful Hello Kitty fish cake.

Depending on the length of the trip, the cost changes. But no matter the destination, Hello Kitty is along for the ride.

An Inside Look At What It’s Like To Ride The Hello Kitty Bullet Train

The Hello Kitty bullet train can be seen speeding across western Japan.

It launched in 2018 and ran for 5 months.

The purpose of the Shinkansen was to encourage travel throughout western Japan.

Here’s a look at what it’s like to ride the train.