Hello Kitty T Shirt By Helena Christensen

hello kitty t shirt

Hello Kitty & Helena Christensen Charity Initiative

Hello Kitty has always been as cute – but she was styled with a glamorous new look on a t-shirt. Beautiful supermodel Helena Christensen teamed up with Hello Kitty, Oxfam, Swarovski Elements,  to give Hello Kitty a fashionable makeover—in Helena’s image!

Helena Christensen Kitty made her debut, exclusively in the Coin Italian retail store—and proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts go toward Oxfam’s efforts to the organization’s commitment to help 80,000 people out of poverty plus support women’s rights.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Hello Kitty,” Christensen says.

“Today it is still as cool and chic as when I was a child, and it’s a great thrill for me to be part of this project.

Helena Christensen is a Global Ambassador for Oxfam, and she was delighted that these glamorous Hello Kitty T-shirts served to collect vital funds for Oxfam’s work in assisting the vulnerable women in the world.

Oxfam’s endeavours will enable the women to have choices about their own future as well as giving them an avenue to be able to escape poverty.