Hello Kitty Café That People Are Going Crazy Over

hello kitty cafe
hello kitty cafe

The Hello Kitty Grand Café in Irvine, California offers customers a variety of Hello Kitty themed drinks and sweets.

This cafe also has a secret pink room where you can sip on alcoholic beverage or just enjoy afternoon tea.

It used to be that you had to go all the way to South East Asia to check out a Hello Kitty Café.

But now—if you’re willing to wait up to 4 four hours in line—you can visit the Hello Kitty Café in Irvine California.

This pop up cafe is principally a pink metal shipping container decorated in Hello Kitty illustrations.

It is as adorable as you would  expect

Inside the cafe, the sweetest treats any Hello Kitty fan could imagine:

  • mini cakes
  • berry tarts
  • and puff pastries
  • all made in the Hello Kittys image.

You can wash these tasty treats down with pink beverages—for example a strawberry mint lemonade, complete with a pink straw—while you sit outside on the roll-up patio.

Or, you could head into the air conditioned area to enjoy a hot coffee with foam and espresso in the shape of a cat’s face.